Social Media Influencers

We bring brands and social media influencers together. We follow your brief to create engaging content which our influencers then share with their audience. We run the whole campaign from selecting and managing the influencers to creating and posting the content based on your timeline.

The Brief

The first step is for us to carefully understand the goal and idea behind your campaign. We will then hand pick social media influencers who best represent your products and who will maximise your campaign reach.

Content Creation

Once we have the campaign planned out and selected the most appropriate influencer(s), we will work with them to create images and videos for them to share on their social media accounts. By supplying the influencers with professional video production and photography you can be sure that your brand and products will look their best.


After the content has been created, the influencer(s) will share the content on their social media channels in-line with your requested timeline. Posts can be trickle fed over a period of time or we can arrange for a number of influencers to release content all at the same time.

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