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A creative agency with a love for content, social media... and green tea

Our experience covers creative disciplines as well as business development and marketing. We look at projects from your point of view: a business wanting to grow and attract new customers and to create loyal fans. By keeping this perspective we can plan our service based on what we feel will best achieve these results for you.

Why We Love Video

In a world of short attention spans video is the fasted and most efficient way of conveying an idea or emotion. Video can inspire, influence and excite the viewer in a matter of minutes and seconds. An it can happen anywhere: at home, at work or while sitting on a bus passing the time on their mobile. It is a perfect way to convey your brand image and ethos.

Why We Love Social Media

If there is one thing we love most about social media, its sharing. Sharing is the next best thing to ‘word of mouth’. When one person loves your brand and they share a piece of your content, they are sharing it with others who are often similar to themselves in some way. Others who may also like your brand!

Why We Love Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea have been widely publicised, but there is more to it than just that. Making a cup of green tea throughout the centuries has often been done with an air of ceremony. The preparation of tea forces us to take time out of the day and to simply be in the moment and re-connect with the simpler things 🙂